The lizards belonging to Dracaena´s family are different from others Teiidae due to the following characteristics:

  1. Cylindrical body
  2. Flat tail with a pair of crests
  3. Pyramidal head

This is the dracaena guinensis from Sucumbios, Ecuador, home of one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. “RESERVA DE PRODUCCIÓN FAUNÍSTICA CUYABENO”  save a paradise inside of the rainforest, come to know one of the wonders of the planet, and help us to maintain this ecosystem untochable and pristine like it is now.


Who are we?

We are a team with a long experience in travelling around Ecuador, and especially in National Parks and Protected Reserves, we offer an improved and differentiated service to all tourists arriving in Ecuador. Our team is composed of some of the best authorized professional guides; some of them are English, German and French speaking. Our guides, together with our team of cooks, porters and office staff, are the key to make our clients´ trip an unforgettable lifetime experience.

Our philosophy

Our ambition is NOT to operate a lot of groups, but to operate excellent quality groups. We believe that massive operation usually goes in detriment of a high quality in the operation. Our service is constantly evaluated, and the Tourist report survey is designed in such a way that identifies our strengths as well as our weaknesses very easily.

Our wish is to keep on growing at a controlled pace, being the trustful operator of more clients worldwide. We are responsible because we know that our operation runs through the environment, culture and communities that are fragile and sensitive of being impacted.

Our goal is to be a real help to the local communities we work with, providing income and helping them to develop in a natural way, to provide positive cultural exchanges and operate  in such a way that we not only try to maintain, but also improve the environment.


Go out from your rutine and come to discover this world almost implausible

Guests commennts

A perfect combination of serenity and adventure and a wonderful team of people to guide you through!

Nicky Lodge itself was wonderful. The simple accommodations and community feel made the adventure feel more disconnected from the outside world and also more relaxing. The food was amazing and we enjoyed every meal cooked for us by the wonderful staff on site. Following our walks and boat trips, one of the Nicky Lodge staff would be waiting for us with some orange juice and it was so appreciated. Overall, it was a wonderful trip with a perfect guide and I learned so much about the jungle and how important it is that we do our part to preserve it.

Highlight of our trip to Ecuador

I cannot say enough good things about our time in the Amazon. We’ve been here in Ecuador for six months and it’s        definitely been the highlight of our trip so far. My husband and I have spent six months in Ecuador and so far visiting the Nicky Lodge in the Amazon has been the highlight. We were so impressed with all of the staff. They felt very sincere, and we could tell they love the work that they do. They were all very complimentary of the company they work for and the efforts that are made to support the local communities as well. Our guide, Evi, was great. There wasn’t a single question asked that he couldn’t answer and he was extremely kind and helpful to all of us. There was a perfect mix of activities and time to relax, and we were also blown away by the quality and variety of the food especially considering how isolated the lodge is. Our fellow guests were all wonderful people and we saw an incredible variety of animals (monkeys, dolphins, birds, snakes, sloths!) We were all sad to leave and I would highly recommend this company and this lodge to others.